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Referral Program for iúnigo Seguros to boost organic user-based growth.

Role Sr. UX Designer
Team Agile squad | After-sales
Company iúnigo Seguros


Iunigo is the first 100% online Car Insurance Company in Argentina. The user’s referral behavior has brought up iúnigo since its beginning. From the initial userbase of Friends & Family, the introduction of the referral program achieved 10% daily growth and reducing the CPA by half.

After the first stage, we iterated the program and succeeded in reaching our goal of 17-20% daily growth. Since the referral program was launched the user base increased by two hundred new users per week and iúnigo managed to attract thousands of users in just six months.

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This process was based on a business need, but it was also supported by customer’s claims. I divided the process into two stages: Proof of concept and Refine & improve. The problems that led to the first iteration were related to claims towards the time it was taking us to deliver the awards, online gift cards.

  • Stakeholders: “We need to increase sales faster. Our After Sales Experiences Team should be working on supporting Sales instead of LTV.”
  • Clients: “All my friends got their insurance because of me. I want something in return.”

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Before deciding which process was the best fit to address this business problem, we created an opportunity map and estimate how much effort and impact each one could have. This made clear that we should onward the Referral Program and create a "happy user path" to understand what we need to develop and then create all user flows.

The process scope included:

  • Creating a new feature for the app and a new home for the referral program (React & React Native).
  • Email campaigns, blog posts, in app notifications.
  • Backoffice to manage virtual gift cards.

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Leveraged in the benchmarking document, we created the first idea of a very simple referral program so that users could share a unique link with F&F through social networks, email, and WhatsApp. This allowed us to track all users who entered the referral site and link them to a particular customer. In this way, we could associate the identity of the client who had referred with the one who had been referred. At the end of the process, both parties received a digital gift card with money that they could withdraw in cash.

In order to achieve success as a very small team we needed to:

  • Define tasks and ownership.
  • Conduct effective research: User interviews, create journey maps, analize CX insights & creat a benchmarking document.
  • Define process goals and how these impacted our KPI's.
  • Define implementation roadmap, what and how to measure success.

Goals & how to measure success

As a team, we defined the process goals to impact our KPI's and created a Looker dashboard to share the progress with the rest of the teams and stakeholders. This was also used to manage the virtual gift cards. We used the following tools to measure:

  • Amplitude for app events.
  • Analytics for Emails, Website and Blog.
  • Looker to visualize data & track gift cards.


  • Reach 5000 new users (policies) by the end of the Q
  • Reduce CPA to ARG$10.000

process goals:

  • Increase Sales between 13-15% in 3 months
  • CPA of max. ARG$6.000

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After 3 months...

The process was performing really well, we got a 10% improvement on daily sales, but there were some issues. After some User Testing and gathering claims from CX, I found out some interesting insights:

  • Some clients thought that the promgram was a scam.
  • At least 20% of the clients using the referral program were complaining because gift cards were not delivered on time.
  • Finances Team was not happy about geting gift cards stock in order to deliver the on time.
  • Some clients thought that the price was a lottery.

So, the program was having some comunication issues and management problems. To solve these problems and boost the program I conducted a Design Sprint and a new team was created. Growth new team:

  • Systems Architecture
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Services Dev
  • CTO
  • Product Owner
  • FrontEnd Dev and BackEnd Dev
  • UX Designer (me)
  • UI Designer

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Iterate & measure

So, after hard work we defined our main hypotheses: If the number of invitations increased it should increase the number of buyers. This idea led to the creation of a wallet. We started analyzing our quantitative & qualitative data and we had the opportunity to have some expert talks with people leading referral programs in companies such as Uber, Fly Bondi, and Pedidos Ya. The improved feature was divided into several stages. To deliver the whole experience we created an implementation roadmap. The functionalities that were released continued to increase sales exponentially.

Long term improvements

  • Clients were getting ARS$50 instantly credited on their iúnig wallets for the first 5 invitations.
  • The new price was a free month for both parties.
  • Clients were able to follow up their invitations and track the status.
  • Clients were able to see how much virtual money they accumulated and the impact on their car insurance monthly fee.

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I had 3 big learnings from this entire process:

  • Plan metrics carefully. It is very easy to forget something and in the case of metrics that can be very important. For example, not measuring a button can have a strong impact on understanding why a process is successful or not.
  • processs need follow up and a clear roadmap. When there is no clear path to implement things the team gets confused, time and effort is lost in unnecessary discussions.
  • Keep the focus where it matters. Without focus is very hard to move forward. When there is everything to do and many good ideas it is difficult to maintain a clear direction. That is why it is so important to keep the process goal in mind and always ask the team - Is this going to help us reach our goal? It sounds like something very basic, but in this process, I realized that it is very easy to get distracted by things that do not have an impact on the success of the process.

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