About me.

My greatest strength is seeing things from different perspectives and coming up with an elegant solution to the problem. With over 8 years of experience in the digital and design industries. I caseed on a number of digital transformation and innovation projects both for Startups and large IT companies.

Leading user experience as part of Agile teams on ensuring consistency between user centered design and the business goals. I have experience in various industries including the financial, insurance, healthcare and the hospitality industry.

I was a researcher and tutor at Buenos Aires University and was awarded with a scholarship to Scientific Vocations to develop a research project.

I am fascinated with the way we interact with objects and in an ever increasing technological world I wanted to pursue a career focused on people's interactions with haptics and tangible interfaces. I loved developed iunigo Maker-Space, a space to do research through experimentation.

Beyond case, I enjoy tinkering with things like Arduino, LyliPads and conductive knitting. I love drawing animals, food tourism, cooking & eating.

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